Outdoor Sofas & Lounge Chairs

Outdoor Sofas & Lounge Chairs

Adding a sofa or lounge chair to your outdoor living area infuses another dimension to the way you relax. Chatting with family and friends or relaxing with a good book on a sunny day is much more cosy and intimate. Greerton Furnishings and Danske obler International have a wide range of sofa styles and sizes for your enjoyment.

Alfresco Soller Lounge Chair

Alfresco Soller Lounge Chair...

was $399
now $303
Bahamas 2-Seater Outdoor Sofa

Bahamas 2-Seater Outdoor Sofa ...

RRP $969
Bahamas 3-Seater Outdoor Sofa

Bahamas 3-Seater Outdoor Sofa ...

was $1,499
now $1,139
Bahamas 3-Seater Outdoor Sofa & Coffee Table

Bahamas 3-Seater Outdoor Sofa & Coffee Table...

was $1,988
now $1,510
Bahamas Outdoor Lounge Chair

Bahamas Outdoor Lounge Chair...

RRP $849
Bali 2-Seater Outdoor Sofa

Bali 2-Seater Outdoor Sofa...

RRP $1,249