Dining Tables

Dining Room Tables

The dining table is for sharing meals and being together with your family and friends. Our tables are sturdy and durable and in lots of styles to help you find exactly what suits your dining area. That's why our dining tables come in a large range of sizes, wood colours and finishes, plus glass and chrome for a modern look. Extension dining tables are our speciality.

new Rabi Dining Table

Rabi Dining Table

was $699
now $524
Reef Dining Table

Reef Dining Table

was $5,199
now $4,159
Rho 1500 Extension Dining Table

Rho 1500 Extension Dining Table...

was $1,799
now $1,349
Rho 1800 Extension Dining Table

Rho 1800 Extension Dining Table ...

was $2,299
now $1,724
Stockholm Extension 1600 Dining Table

Stockholm Extension 1600 Dining Table...

was $2,599
now $1,949
Stockholm Extension 2100 Dining Table

Stockholm Extension 2100 Dining Table...

was $2,749
now $2,061